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Manager coaching to improve the appearance in business
„Most people don’t speak, they just quote. One could feel free to put virtually everything, what they say, in quotation marks; since it has been handed down, not born at the moment of becoming.”

These words of Christian Morgenstern are full of wisdom, nevertheless most managers were not meant to create such a charisma that has a lasting effect on the audience in the hall.

Just the first sentences can be tall-dominant, the audience doesn't forgive or forget. None expensive equipment that draw off the attention from the speaker all too often, literally overwhelm him, cannot belie the facts.

Even a well prepared speech, which is understandable, revealing and possesses a good sense of humour is no guarantee for the speaker. Every speech and every business-talk is determined by the speaker in the spirit of Stanislawski's approach to theatre, who stated: “Bad actors imitate a figure, good actors become this character.”

  • Self-assured appearance in front of an audience
  • Voice and rhetoric skills in the business-world
  • Self-perception vs. the perception of others
  • How to develop personality