Wladimir Matuchin


works as an actor, director and acting coach with the principal residence in Duesseldorf.

After he graduated from the academy for theatre and film in St. Petersburg, Wladimir Matuchin became a member of famous theatre ensemble “Lensowet” in St. Petersburg.

In 1991 Wladimir moved to Germany, where he worked as an actor in various theatre plays. Since then he is working as a director and teaches acting with the main focus on “Stanislawski”, and started his teaching activity at Tanzhaus NRW “die werkstatt” in Duesseldorf.

Very soon he became a sought-after teacher, whose students travelled from all over the world, to attend his classes.

Matuchin established his own ensemble „Theater hommage“ , whose performances, based on plays by Anton Tschechow, Tennessee Williams, Edward Albee et al., have created such a profound sensation.

At the same time Wladimir starred in several roles in TV movies, e.g. Schimanski „Die Strassen von Berlin“, SOKO Leipzig, etc. At the same time he worked as a TV-coach for several TV-productions in Germany and Russia.

In the last two years Matuchin was continuously working as an acting coach for American drama school students. 2006 he held a Stanislawski-seminar at the famous Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and taught American exchange students at the Academy of International Education (AIB) in Bonn at the beginning of this year.

Wladimir Matuchin - three years old
When I was a young boy,
I watched my parents closely
when they painted their faces in theatre.
Since that incidence I decided not to
become an actor.
Instead of that I preferred to be an Indian.
And when I reminisce about this time,
it was the phenomenon of playing Indian,
which inspired me to become an actor.

Wladimir Matuchin