>> Four month orientation seminar
>> Preparation for qualifying examinations in Drama schools
>> Acting seminar on second-chance education
>> Manager-couching
>> Seminar for professional actors
>> Individual acting lessons
>> Englishs Workshops
Acting Workshop on Mallorca
>> Creative actorsx cuisine


Fixed date/ Duration: by arrangement

Acting-seminar lasting several days: Intensive preparation in productions and camera-acting
The actor’s workshop takes place in Son Massiá, an idyllic mountain village, located between Manacor and Felanitx, which is 12 minutes away from the sea and the popular harbour Portocristo.

A two-story villa is available featuring 4 bedrooms, a swimming pool, a spacious sun deck as well as several bathrooms and kitchens.

The aim of this kind of acting-excursions is to spend time together over a certain period of time in order to be able to work more intensely on a play or a character. The romantic camping under an undisturbed starry sky permit it to experience the drama lessons more intensely, compared to the work in our daily-life settings. Moreover, we will relax and enjoy the island, combined with intellectual activities.
A variety of recreation activities will be organized as well as collective cooking and excursions.
The creative assistants are available for you at all times for further questions.